Xpecto Lite Single Pocket Mix Value Counter (AED Only)

Xpecto Lite can count and sort AED Dirhams and count other currencies without sorting. With the highest quality counterfeit detection system, it is ideal for money handling in retail stores, hotels, banks, and other cash-sensitive environments

Cassida Xpecto LiTE (AED only)
This is the spec sheet of Xpecto Lite Single Pocket Mix Value Counter (AED Only)
This is the user manual of Xpecto Lite Single Pocket Mix Value Counter (AED Only)
  • Count function without ValuCount can still be used for currencies other than AED, making it a retail-ready solution for every business type.

  • Reliable counterfeit detection system checks for UV, color image, magnetic ink, and infrared characteristics of the notes offering absolute certainty of the authenticity of bills.

  • The Sort function prevents mixed bills from being counted by stopping and sending out an alert whenever a different denominator note is detected.

  • 3 different counting speeds of 800, 1000, and 1200 bills per minute allow smooth counting of notes of any condition.

  • User-friendly display screen allows quick access and easy navigation.

More Information
Manufacturer Cassida
Product Dimensions 267 * 267 * 298mm
Shipping Dimension 267 * 267 * 298mm
Grade Business
Verification Type UV, MG, IR, CIS
Display Type 3.2” LCD Screen
Capacity Hopper: 600 Bills; Stacker: 250 Bills
Counting Speed 800/1,000/1,200 Bills per Minute