Specktron E-Hub Wireless Presentation Device is now available with us, it contains 2 products in a single package which means there is one HDMi Transmitter that fixes in any of the HDMI Device like, Laptops, iPad, or any other device that gives HDMI Output and the oterh part of the product is HDMI Receiver that gets fixed into either projector or any tv or interactive panel HDMI Input and requires power via USB or Power Adapter and receives the signal directly from the Transmitter from the push of a single button. 

Specktron E-Hub is extendable and can have multiple HDMI Transimitters against the single HDMI Receiver. Because the HDMI Transmitters are chargable devices so you can also buy the charging Cradle if required to charge multiple transmitters at the same time which feels ideal if you have a bigger meeting room.

Speak with our representative via Live Chat or reach us at 04-5015990 or 052-7999864 and we will be able to get you the help with this solution.

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