Projector Lamps offers a vide range of projector lamps available for almost all of the major brands available in the Projector Industry. We offer Original Projector Lamps as well as Compatible ones with the warranty directly from the factory. We can offer the most competitive prices available in the market and can deliver within 7-10 business days even if the lamp is not available in stock. If the lamps are available in stock the delivery is available next business day against cash on delivery.

Speak with our representative or just fill up the REQUEST FOR PRICE form in order to get the best quote available against your requested projector lamp or call us at 04-5015990 or 052-7999864 or you can alternatively email us at and our representative will reach you immediately.

               Epson Projector Lamps Hitachi Projector Lamps NEC Projector Lamps Optoma Projector Lamps Barco Projector Lamps

               3M Projector Lamps ViewSonic Projector Lamps Mitsubishi Projector Lamps SMART Projector Lamps LG Projector Lamps

               Acer Projector Lamps Canon Projector Lamps Casio Projector Lamps Dell Projector Lamps EIKI Projector Lamps

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