What are Interactive Panels?

Interactive Panels are the most advanced and reliable upgrade of Interactive Whiteboards with Projectors Solutions. Interactive Panels and TouchScreens offer Hassle less interactivity for its users, whether they belong to Government, Education or Corporate Sector. Interactive Panels offer variety of options like only TouchScreens which can be used like regular Interactive Whiteboard solution or you can go for Interactive TouchScreens with Built-In PC and you can also take it to next level by upgrading it to Video Conferencing Solution.

Procure.ae is the only Online Platform that offers its customers a wide variety of Interactive Panels and TouchScreens from the most renowned brands in the market like OneScreen, Benq, Specktron, LG, Triumph, Elo Touch, Samsung, Prestigio, LegaMaster, SMART, AHA, Philips, Qomo, Panasonic and LegaMaster.

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