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Specktron is one of the most selling brand of Interactive Whiteboards in GCC Coutries specially because of the range of the sizes as well as the type of interactive whiteboard they have to offer. Specktron Interactive Whiteboards offer traiditional Interactive boards along with the Ceramic surface boards that allows you to write on the board even with the Regular Whiteboard Marker. Specktron currenty offers three sizes when it comes to interactive board, 82" - 92" and 110" Diagonal Interactive Whiteboard depending on the choice whether you would prefer the Ceramic Surface or the Regular one. Specktron Boards are also Finger touch sensitive and comes with the basic whiteboarding software to be used for whiteboarding needs.

Procure.ae offers Specktron Interactive Whiteboards on the most competitive prices available in the market making sure that you get the availability as well.

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