i3Sync Wireless Presenters

i3Sync Wireless Presenters are one of its kind wireless HDMI transmission solution. It consists of 2 parts, one is transmitter and one is receiver. Receiver can be connected with any projector or tv or interactive panel and the transmitter is a chargeable device which can be connected on any devices' HDMI Port and on the push of a button the screen is transmitted wirelessly without the need of any software installation. Multiple transmitters can be connected with a single receiver and every participant can just push one button on their transmitters and their screen can be wirelessly presented on visual device.

Procure.ae offers famous and effective range of i3 Sync Series of Wireless Presentation Solutions either for Industrial, Business, Medical or Home usage. We have all the available and current models of i3 Sync Series of Wireless Presentation Solutions available to purchase online.

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