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Interactive Whiteboards has been in the industry for quiet a long time and still is the top preference amongst the most educational institutions because of the ability to use Regular Whiteboard Markers as well. Generally an Interactive Whiteboard requires a Projector to be fully functional, ideally an Ultra Short Throw Projector should be used with Interactive Whiteboard irrespective of the brand of board you use, however, people also use Short Throw and Regular Throw Projectors in order to save cost and achieve the same results, the only drawback in using these projectors is you get a shadow on the board when you are working as the presenter is in the way of the projection and the board. Having said that Interactive Whiteboards are the cost effective solution for any sort of organization when it comes to interactive solutions. offers variety of range of Interactive Boards to choose from starting with Starboards (formerly used to known as Hitachi Starboard), Acer, Triumph, Specktron and SMART.






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