Kolibri Signature

  • Kolibri Signature 2 Pocket Bank Grade Mix Value Counter and Sorter Machine for 5 Currency is a Counterfeit Detection 2-Pocket Business-Grade Mixed Bill Counter, Sorter, and Reader.

  • Counts and sorts mixed stacks of money depending on denomination, unlike basic bill counters that can't tell the difference between denomination and value.

  • Never stop counting or sorting for suspicious money, a different denomination, or a different face. Those banknotes are placed in the reject pocket once they have been sorted.

  • Mixed Denomination, Sort, Face, Orientation, Count, Auto/Manual, Add, Batch, Add, and Batch are just a few of the modes and features available for all of your money counting requirements.

  • Anti-counterfeiting protection for your company. SignatureTM uses two CIS, UV, and magnetic technology to verify that all currency collected is genuine.

  • This innovative cash counting system is simplified and saves time with an easy-to-use interface, wide LCD display, on-screen report, and built-in printer.

Kolibri Signature
Product Name Kolibri Signature 2 Pocket Mix Value Counter, Sorter and Reader
Error Detection Chain Note
Currency Range Upto 10 Multi-Currencies
Hopper Capacity 500 bills (uncirculated)
Stacker Capacity 200 bills (uncirculated)
Counterfeit Detections UV / MG
Counting-Bills Per Minute (BPM) 1200
Speed- Counts Per Minute (CPM) 1100
Operating Modes Orientation Sort
Dimensions (WxDxH) 10.5″ x 10.5″ x 11.7″ (267 x 267 x 298 mm)
Weight 9.98 Kg
Manufacturer kolibri
Color Black
Country of Origin United State
More Information
Manufacturer Cassida
Product Dimensions 10.5" x 10.5" x 11.7"
This is a spec sheet of Kolibri Signature 2 Pocket Mix Value Counter, Sorter and Reader