Panasonic Panaboard UB-5838C

Enhance collaborative meetings with the Panasonic Panaboard UB-5838C, a cutting-edge interactive whiteboard designed for seamless integration into modern workspaces. This innovative device boasts a 77-inch interactive surface, facilitating dynamic presentations and brainstorming sessions. The high-resolution display ensures crisp and clear visuals, while the built-in color printer captures your ideas instantly. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate through functions like drawing, highlighting, and saving notes. The UB-5838C is also equipped with advanced connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with various devices. Elevate productivity and engagement in your meetings with this SEO-optimized Panasonic Panaboard, blending technology and collaboration effortlessly.


The Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Whiteboard is a color scanning system that allows the user to scan to USB flash drives or SD Memory Cards while maintaining the versatility of a conventional whiteboard.

This color whiteboard scans in PDF and JPEG formats without the need for a driver on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

More Information
Aspect Ratio 16:10 (Rectangular)
Dry Erase Usable No
Board Size 110" Diagonal
Manufacturer Panasonic