iiyama ProLite T1531SR-B5 - 15 Inch Touchscreen

Experience intuitive interaction with the iiyama ProLite T1531SR-B5, a cutting-edge 15-inch touchscreen display designed to elevate your digital experience. Its responsive touch technology allows seamless navigation, ideal for retail, hospitality, or interactive kiosk applications. With a sturdy yet sleek design, this monitor offers precise and durable touch functionality, enhancing user engagement. The adjustable stand provides flexibility for ergonomic positioning, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. Featuring advanced display capabilities and reliable build quality, the ProLite T1531SR-B5 guarantees clarity and durability. Elevate your workspace with this innovative touchscreen display, where performance meets convenience in a compact, user-friendly design.

  • ProLite T1931SR uses 5-wire resistive Touch technology for ultra-durable and affordable solutions for demanding environments.

  • IP54 standard ensures protection against airborne dust particles and water splashes.

  • The Iiyama 15" monitor has an adjustable stand that allows for full 90-degree orientations.

  • The LED touchscreen panel allows easy connectivity with various input options (analog and digital).

More Information
Manufacturer Iiyama
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
Product Dimensions 351 x 306 x 201mm