Elo 1903LM -19'' Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitor

The Elo 1903LM is a 19-inch medical-grade touchscreen monitor designed to meet the stringent demands of healthcare environments. Its responsive touch technology enhances efficiency, allowing for intuitive interaction with medical applications. With an IP54 rating, it offers protection against dust and splashes, ensuring durability and easy cleaning. The high-definition LCD display provides sharp, clear visuals for critical medical data and patient information. This monitor is ideal for patient care, medical imaging, and electronic health record management. Its ergonomic design and wide viewing angles enhance usability, making it a valuable addition to any healthcare facility, promoting accuracy and patient care excellence.

  • Elo 1903 LM is a 03-Series Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitor that combines industry-leading touchscreen technology with DICOM Part 14 capability.

  • Elo 1903 LM 19'' inch touchscreen enables healthcare providers to improve clinical review while also enhancing patient involvement.

  • The easy-to-clean touchscreen improves the safety of healthcare personnel and patients.

  • Adding Elo 1903 LM to the clinical workflow will enhance patient and provider experience, from examining X-rays and scans to checking vitals, lab findings, and medical history.

  • Elo 1903, with its touch technology and HD display, is compatible with multiple medical devices, including ventilator monitors, anesthetic monitors, patient monitors, and medication dispensers. 

More Information
Manufacturer ELO Touch
Screen Resolution 1280 x 1024
Included Quick Install Guide, 3x Tie wraps, VGA cable, HDMI cable, Touch USB cable, Audio cable, Power brick (E323104), NA Power cable, EU Power cable, EEI Label, DICOM calibration sheet
Product Dimensions 15.66" x 16.91" x 7.61"
Shipping Dimension 20.75" x 18.97" x 10.24"
Shipping Weight 21.6 lbs