Glory UW-F Series Note Sorter

Optimize your currency handling with the Glory UW-F Series Note Sorter. This advanced machine combines cutting-edge technology with efficiency, ensuring seamless cash management for businesses. With unparalleled accuracy, it swiftly processes mixed denominations, detecting counterfeits and sorting bills flawlessly. The UW-F Series prioritizes user-friendly operation, featuring an intuitive interface for easy navigation. Its compact design and robust construction guarantee durability in high-demand environments. Elevate your cash-handling experience with this reliable note sorter, streamlining operations and reducing errors. Trust Glory's UW-F Series for precision, security, and unmatched performance in currency processing. Upgrade your business today.



Model UW-F Series
Hopper Capacity 2000 notes
Sorting speed 1000 notes per minute
Dimensions ( W x D x H )

UW-F4: 600mm × 455mm × 620mm

UW-F8: 890mm × 455mm × 620mm

UW-F12: 1180mm × 455mm × 620mm

UW-F16: 1470mm × 455mm × 620mm


UW-F4: 65kg

UW-F8: 93kg

UW-F12: 121kg

UW-F16: 149kg

More Information
Manufacturer Glory
Product Dimensions 1470mm × 455mm × 620mm