Rexel Shred Master RLX20 Cross Cut Shredder

Enhance your office security with the Rexel Shred Master RLX20 Cross Cut Shredder. Delivering reliable performance, this shredder ensures confidential information stays protected. Its cross-cutting mechanism turns sensitive documents into unreadable particles, promoting data privacy. With a substantial shredding capacity and efficient operation, the RLX20 handles various materials, from paper to credit cards, effortlessly. The user-friendly design includes a convenient pull-out bin, reducing downtime for disposal. Ideal for small to medium-sized offices, the RLX20 blends functionality and durability. Invest in peace of mind with this advanced shredder, safeguarding your business against unauthorized access and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.

The Rexel Mercury RLX20 large office shredder is perfect for a busy office of 20 or more users and has a S3 security level which means that it shreds paper into unreadable confetti style particles (sized 4 x 40mm) making it ideal for sensitive data. Paper jams in a shredder are time consuming, frustrating, messy and can be costly if you have to call out an engineer. With the Rexel Mercury RLX20 shredder, paper jams are a thing of the past. Featuring the revolutionary Mercury Jam Free technology, the Rexel Mercury RLX20 has a unique brightly lit LED indicator that warns you whether you are trying to feed too much paper into the shredder in one go. The illuminated red light means you should stop and remove some sheets of paper and illuminated green light means that there is no risk of jamming. The Rexel Mercury RLX20 is a super quiet, high capacity shredder that can shred up to 22 sheets of 70gsm paper in a continuous single feed as well as CD’s, credit cards, paperclips and staples. Specifically designed for large volume shredding, it features a huge 115 litre large capacity pull out frame with plastic or paper bags that holds up to 1100 sheets of 70gsm paper meaning you rarely have to empty it. The front opening door and pull out frame is designed to enable simple and mess free emptying and the shredder cuts off automatically when the bag is full signalling that it needs emptying. The Rexel Mercury RLX20 goes into power saving mode after 2 minutes of non use, making it an ideal choice for the environmentally friendly office. With a clear, easy to use LED control panel, castors for easy manoeuvring around the office and an Auto Oiling System, the stylish RLX20 is the ultimate choice for a busy office environment that has large volume shredding requirements. High capacity cross cut shredder; Easy to empty pull out frame for bags; Auto shut off feature after 2 minutes of non use; Capable of shredding CDs, credit cards and staples & paperclips; Self cleaning cutters 4x40mm Cross cut, security level P-4 for extra security High performance shredder with heavy duty motor for large office use High sheet capacity (22 sheets = 70gsm. 20 sheets = 80gsm) 115 litre bin (1100 sheets) Quiet Operation Easy to use controls Power saving mode activates automatically after 2 mins of non-use Large easy to empty frame and bag - Display indicates with bin needs emptying Self-cleaning cutters Fast shredding speed
More Information
Shred Type Cross Cut
Shred Security Level P4 (4 x 38mm Cross Cut)
Bin Capacity 101 - 150 Litre
Paper Per Pass 16 - 20 Sheets
Sheets Shredding Capacity 20
Manufacturer Rexel
Product Dimensions 890x540x540mm