Nigachi Back Loading Machines - NC - 600UV/MG

Upgrade your business with the Nigachi Back Loading Machine NC-600UV/MG, a cutting-edge solution for efficient and precise printing. This advanced machine offers unparalleled UV and MG detection capabilities, ensuring accurate results every time. With its back-loading feature, loading and unloading processes are streamlined for optimal productivity. The NC-600UV/MG is designed to handle a variety of materials, providing versatility for your printing needs. Experience top-notch quality and reliability with Nigachi's state-of-the-art technology. Elevate your printing operations to new heights with the NC-600UV/MG, a must-have for businesses seeking high-performance back loading machines.


Product Specification

Counting Speed ≥ 1000 pcs/min
Hopper Size 50mm x 110mm/90mm x 180mm
Dimensions 289mm x 240mm x 155mm
Net Weight 5.5kg
Size of carton 600mm x 340mm x 230mm(2pcs)
Gross Weight 13kg(2pcs)
Power supply AC230V ± 10% 50Hz ± 5%
AC120V ± 10% 60Hz ± 5%
Power Consumption ≤ 70W
Hopper Capacity 300pcs
Stacker capacity 200pcs
More Information
Manufacturer Nigachi
Product Dimensions 289mm x 240mm x 155mm