Talaris Ntegra Currency Counting Machine


Full width CIS, IR and Tape
UV, FL, PPD and Double Detection
Multi Channel Magnetics

User Experience

Ntegra provides an unmatched user experience. A large colour LCD display, along with Windows CE, Graphics User Interface (GUI) and multi-language options provides a machine which is incredibly easy and intuitive to use.
• Counting
• Authentication
• Denomination
• Multi-currency
• Facing
• Orientation
• Fitness Sorting: Soil, Holes, Tears, Tape etc
• Issue Splitting
• Serial Number Printing
• Ticket In/Ticket Out (TITO)

Models of Ntegra Available

• NT8860: Valuing and Authentication
• NT8870: Valuing, Authentication and Basic Fitness
• NT8880: Valuing Authentication andFull Fitness

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Ntegra is the compact and portable desktop solution for multi-currency counting and sorting challenges. Engineered to deliver unprecedented efficiency savings through continuous and uninterrupted use, Ntegra can denominate and authenticate different currencies at a processing speed of 1000 notes per minute. Ntegra can revolutionise desktop cash handling in small, medium and large cash processing environments. Optional fitness sorting capability ensures that processes, which were once only achievable on large sorting systems, are now attainable at the front line. Ntegra is ideal for organisations looking to deploy an affordable sorting solution that ensures banknotes meet the customer and legislative requirements (for example, the uropean Central Bank’s Banknote Recycling Framework). Ntegra is a true desktop machine with a large reject pocket providing high speed uninterrupted processing. A compact footprint allows Ntegra to be used in areas where space is a premium, whilst a strong and robust design means that Ntegra is at home in small, medium and large desktop processing environments.






Speed Range

500 – 1500 notes per minute

Document size range

62 x 120 mm to 82 x 180mm


Feed Hopper = 500 notesStacker Hopper = 250 notesReject = 100 notesFeed Hopper Option = 1000 notes

Dimensions (H x W x D)

302 x 311 x 319 mm


13 kg

Power supply

100 – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

140 W

Manufacturing standards and approvals



RS232USB (optional)LAN (optional)On Screen Display (optional)

More Information
Manufacturer Talaris
Product Dimensions 302 x 311 x 319 mm
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