AHA 55" FHD Interactive Flat Panel CSLED-55R

Experience immersive learning and collaboration with the AHA 55" FHD Interactive Flat Panel CSLED-55R. This cutting-edge display offers vibrant Full HD resolution, delivering crisp visuals for engaging presentations or lessons. With advanced CSLED technology, it ensures stunning clarity and energy efficiency. Its 55-inch screen provides ample space for interactive sessions, ideal for educational or professional environments. The interactive features enable seamless touch control, making it effortless to annotate, draw, or interact with content. Designed to enhance productivity and engagement, this flat panel display redefines communication, fostering dynamic, interactive experiences. Elevate your presentations, meetings, or classrooms with this innovative, high-performance display solution.



Achieve Sharp, Bright Picture Quality

In both dark and bright images, the image is brighter and brighter

Full HD

1,920 x 1,080 Full HD picture quality



Non-reflective glass (4T), Matal, Aluminum


1,920 x 1,080

External dimensions (mm)

1,506 (W) x 880 (H) x 110 (D)

Sensor / touch tool

IR (infrared) sensor / hand or all objects

Touch response time

less than 15ms

Coordinate setting

Automatic coordinate setting (driver not required)

Supported OS

WIN7 or later, Android 5.1

I / O terminal

3 HDMI, 1 RGB, 1 RS-232C, 2 DisplayPort, USB (for Touch), 3.5 mm Stereo jack


20W x 2 channels, stereo


Remote control (with battery), S / W CD (writing software), Pen for manual writing, Manual, USB cable, HDMI / RGB cable, Power cable

More Information
Manufacturer AHA
Built-In PC Optional PC
Product Dimensions 1,323 (W) x 796 (H) x 100 (D)